Compounding Services

Men's Health

Be in control, not controlled. Millions of men across the country suffer daily from health issues that chip away at their self-confidence and stamina. But your life doesn’t have to be defined by these issues. You can take control of your health today, and we can help.

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male pharmacist speaking with an older male patient

Women’s Health

Don’t let underlying health issues rob you of your confidence, self-esteem and comfort. Instead, thrive! Millions of women experience frustrating health issues that negatively impact their daily lives. But you can change that, and we can help.

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Our pets are family and deserve the same care and attention we give to ourselves and other people in our lives. Providing that care can sometimes be challenging because, let’s face it, most animals don’t like taking medicine. There are simple solutions for this problem, and we can help.

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a vet in the background with a hand on a beige corgi dog

Veterinary Chemo

Our team of experienced compounding pharmacists works closely with veterinarians to formulate customized chemotherapy medications for your furry companions. We collaborate to determine the most suitable chemotherapy drugs and dosage forms for your pet's specific condition. We take into consideration factors such as the type and stage of cancer, the size and species of your animal, and any unique preferences or sensitivities.

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We understand the importance of precise and tailored treatments for eye-related conditions, and our compounding services are designed to meet the unique needs of patients requiring ophthalmic medications.

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Autologous Serum Eye Drops

Autologous serum eye drops are a type of treatment for certain eye conditions, particularly severe dry eye syndrome. They are derived from a person's own blood serum, hence the term "autologous," meaning originating from the same individual.

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