vet with an orange cat and cream and white puppy

Pawsome Solutions: A Guide to Veterinary Compounding

February 6, 2023

When your pet is in pain it tears you apart to see them suffer. Lily the kitty and Daisy the dog are more than just pets; they’re family members! You’ll do anything and everything you can to get them back on their paws and feeling better, just like you would for any other family member. If standard veterinary treatment options aren’t working as well as you’d like for your pet, perhaps it’s time to try veterinary compounding! Here is our guide to veterinary compounding so that you can find a pawsome solution today:

What is Veterinary Compounding?

When it comes to medications, sometimes 2 or more prove to be more effective and efficient than just 1. Veterinary compounding is the process of combining, mixing and/or altering ingredients to create a medicine that is specifically tailored to the medical needs of your pet.

vet with pill bottles and vials beside a white maltese dog

Much like human care, animal conditions and illnesses can sometimes require specialized treatment. This process of veterinary compounding allows our pharmacists to mix medications that are not available to humans or simply aren’t available in the correct form or dosage that your pet needs. By combining 2 or more medications into a single dose, your pet can experience improvement without having to force feed him or her a handful of medicines each day!

Our pharmacists can alter the flavor, strength of dosages and form in which the medication is administered to make sure your pet has a hassle free process when taking medicine.

Benefits of Veterinary Compounding

One of the biggest benefits of veterinary compounding is efficiency! If you’ve ever tried to give your pet a pill or other form of medicine, you know that it can often be a challenge. Maybe Lily spits it out each time or Daisy wants nothing to do with it whatsoever. Skip the hassle by making sure your pet has as few doses to take as possible!

Here at The Compounding Pharmacy, we offer the highest quality, medically proven medications so your pet gets the very best treatment possible! Our experienced team of pharmacists is properly accredited and our oral medications are approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

Not only can you finally get some relief for your furbaby, you can also save money! Contact us today and see how you can save up to 98% on your pet’s prescriptions!

Could It Be a Solution For Your Pet?

We’re thrilled to be able to provide compounding solutions for a variety of pets like dogs, cats, horses and even exotic animals!

female vet holding a brown rabbit

If your pet is stuck with taking several different medications daily, our veterinary compounding solutions could make both your lives easier! No more trying to hide a pill in cheese just for Lily to eat all the cheese and leave the medicine!

Our pharmacists can alter your pet’s veterinary compounding medication so that the taste is more palatable and it’s easier to administer. If pills are a real challenge, our pharmacists can prepare your pet’s medicine in the form of a custom-flavored liquid!

Veterinary compounding may prove to be a pawsome solution for your pet! Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have and help in determining if this process could help your pet’s condition improve!